Jane’s Quilting Projects 2020/21

The dresdan plates were donated to my friend Cathy who is not a quilter. She brought me the materials and I designed and assembled the quilt top, quilted it with wild quilting, bound it and made a label. This quilt was completed on April 16, 2020.

Beth made this quilt top in the late 1990s or early 2000s and needed it quilted and bound. It was completed July 16, 2020.

My friend Bernadine made two baby quilts. I quilted them and we put the binding on. Bern did the hand binding on this one. It was completed August 14, 2020. But neither one of us thought to take a photo of the completed quilt… and off it went in the mail!

This is Bernadine’s other baby quilt. I did the binding on this, which was purple. Again no photo of the finished quilt and off in the mail it went. It was also finished on August 14, 2020.

My friend Cheryl made this quilt top. It is king sized and I had a blast quilting it. I also put the binding on, made the label and added it. It was a wedding gift… although I think the wedding has been postponed. Finished September 2, 2020. I have another photo of this quilt:
Cool eh?

This was a UFO that was given to me in a baggie in pieces. 11 of the 16 blocks had been made. Some of them were signed and one was date 2003. One of them had a piece rotated 90 degrees – so I disassembled and reassembled that. I made 4 more blocks to make it square, add the border, then quilted it to within an inch of its life! I have added the binding, but it is in the closet, waiting for me to get around to hand tacking the binding down. I love this! Finished September 28, 2020.

This quilt top of given to me by the friend of a friend, who wanted it have it finished by Christmas, if possible. I had a wild time taming these kittehs with mad quilting! It was finished on October 8, 2020 and I trimmed it and bound it (but didn’t take a photo of that.)

My friend Bernadine made this Boho Quilt as a birthday present for a dear friend and colleague. She did the piecing, the quilting, and put the binding on! I have included it because she quilted it on my machine and finished it at my house. November 14, 2020. (She is in my bubble. Will this make sense in a few years?)

My friend Philippa mailed me a quilt top and the backing. Would I like to practice quilting on it? Would I? Isn’t this cool!? Finished November 16, 2020. I mailed it back and Philippa has put the binding on and it is on the bed!

Another quilt top with backing and batting. I did the quilting, finished on December 1, 2020. Bound by the lady who brought it over to me.

Ann sent me her CQA Row by Row quilt top, and I got the quilting done in October, but it did not get trimmed and bound until December 4. Here it is, all ready to be folded up and put in the box. Ann does her own binding. Some people love binding, some people don’t! Ann and I are in the former group. Finished December 4, 2020.

Bern made this beautiful modern quilt. I quilted it, trimmed, bound it and did the hand tacking. It turned out to be a bit of a rush, so I also washed it, hung it to dry and mailed it. Bernadine did not get to see it all finished. Completed December 1, 2020.

Quilted Project Bag. I made this using the directions my friend Lisa in Austrailia posted. It is about 14 by 13 inches. The project inside was a tutorial I took with another friend and has nothing to do with this project. (The fabric was sitting on the cutting table and I need something to make that flower/star with.) This was completed on December 24, 2020. I enjoyed it so much, I made more of them in January!

I have been planning to make quilts for my daughter and my daughter-in-law for a couple of years. I started both of them in January 2018. I made most of the blocks for my DIL’s quilt in 2018 and then it got put away until 2020. Unaware that we were going to have a pandemic, I got the rest of the blocks done in January 2020. (I started a quilt for my daughter at the same time. When I got the blocks done for it, I didn’t like it, so I made more blocks, finished the quilt and gave it to Wynn Park Villa as an Honour Quilt.) In January 2020, I started a second quilt for her. I made all the blocks and in February, all I needed to do was add the borders to both of the quilts. I bought the fabric for the borders, and the backing and batting before the non-essential stores closed… I was ready… and… I put the borders on both quilts between Christmas and New Years of 2020. (Lordy.) This quilt was completed on January 12, 2021. It is King Sized.

This is king sized quilt that I made for my daughter. It was started January 2020 and completed January 17, 2021. Both of these quilts have been mailed and I have photos of them on their beds! 🙂
Quilted Project Bag
Quilted Project Bag
Quilted Project Bag. All three of these were completed January 15, 2021.

Mary’s Quilt top. All quilted and trimmed. Completed on January 31, 2021