Upcoming Events & Workshops

Mayflower Quilters Guild would like to thank Atlantic Fabrics, Avonport Discount Store, It’s Sew Time and Sew with Vision for their support and donations to our Guild.

Upcoming Events:

Superstore Bookings

Mayflower Quilters’ Guild has booked the Super Store at Joseph Howe Dr in Halifax from 9 am to 2 pm for the following dates:

June 14th

$3 per session. Want more info about what goes on at Joseph Howe Superstore get-togethers – contact Karen at karenacmaley@gmail.com or phone 902-477-3251

Program for Meetings:

For our regular meetings, please remember to bring your own drinks, library books, name tags, Show & Share items, Comfort Quilts and a Food Bank Donation. Non-perishables or personal items such as diapers, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, etc., are gladly accepted.

Bravery Beads: Please keep these coming to the meeting for the IWK Bravery Beads program. If you are working on this, please bring the bags to the meeting to give to Cheryl Borden. If you need instructions or assistance, contact her at Cheryl Borden for instructions or assistance.

50/50 Draw at meetings – Tickets $1 ea, 5 for $3 or 8 for $5. Draw will be after break time with 50% going to winner and 50% going towards guest speakers/presenters/workshop instructors, etc.






Mayflower Quilters’ Guild Workshops

Machine Applique Workshop: ​TBA

Local Area Workshops


Outside Area Workshops & Retreats



If you have any information on workshops, please send an email to Membership Director on the Contact Us page